Backpacking Packing List

My backpacker packing list results from my first world trip (15 months) and further backpacker trips before and after. Meanwhile I know exactly what you need for a backpacker trip and what you can leave at home. Also through feedback from other backpackers and travellers I have been able to complete my packing list. In order to make the whole thing a bit clearer, I have divided the packing list into several topics.

Overview of the Backpacking Packlist

Backpacking Backpacks & Bags

One of the most important things as a backpacker is of course the backpacking backpack. How big should it be (I recommend 45-60 litres) and what should it cost? In addition I find the Daypack (also called daypack) very important, because with it I can also travel 1-2 weeks alone (no joke!). Depending on what you have in your backpacking backpack you will carry 10-15 kg with you. More it should not be in any case, because that will damage your back in the long run. My insider tip and secret for a well structured backpack are compression bags (more like bags). I have developed a cycle with it in which I can wash alternately and carry the things. Ideal if you roll up your clothes.

Packlist Backpacking Clothing

I call myself a minimalist and still have a lot of clothes with me. I have seen packing lists with less, but also with more! You will not be able to be naked well on the journey. But believe me when I tell you that you actually need much less than you think. After all, it’s warm (remember?) and most of the time you’ll either be walking around in swimwear or wearing less than more. If you’re planning trips to cold regions, buy them on the spot. You’ll probably get cheaper than buying everything at home and having to carry around with you all the time. On my trip around the world I had a poncho with which I used two times during 15 months… So rather think about it again….

Backpacker Kleidung

Backpacker Kleidung


  • 1x trekking shoes

Packlist Backpacker Equipment

A second mistake of my last trip around the world was the sleeping bag. I have used it more often than the poncho, but altogether much too little. One inlay (also called inlet or inlay) is enough. If you really need a sleeping bag then you will surely be able to borrow one (you could almost always borrow one when it is really needed). Otherwise the backpacker equipment is also less -> more! I always say: “What I don’t have with me another backpacker has with me”. You are not alone in the pampa for months on end. You don’t have to lug everything along and you also don’t have to adjust to all possible situations. In the worst case you get things on the spot!

  • sleeping bag insert (Inlett, Inlay)
  • sleep mask
  • earplugs / earwax
  • pillows / neck pillows
  • sunglasses
  • TSA lock (from Backpacking United)
  • fork and spoon
  • Minimalist clock


Technical & Digital PackList

I am a nerd! I admire when other backpackers are traveling without a smartphone and laptop, but I can’t do that. I need my technology. Not only that! In the long run, I’d be pretty up a creek without the Internet. That doesn’t mean that I couldn’t spend 2-4 weeks without life – very well! Only in the long run this is nothing for me. Without social media, e-mails, news it would still work, but no more music or movies – NEVER EVER! My favourite films are always there. Apart from that there are Spotify and Co. nowadays to stay up to date. Also the one or other dirty film (you have to stand there!) I carry with me. It’s not that I fell in my childhood in the popularity fountain and constantly tow girls.


  • tablet
  • electronic reader (z.B. Kindle) (buy at Amazon)
  • tripod
  • fall resistant external hard disk

Packlist hygiene & toilet bag

Nothing works without a basic understanding of hygiene. Every backpacker will enjoy not being able to smell himself anymore, but the shower is all the nicer afterwards. You can’t even imagine what you can catch on the way. You shouldn’t become a hypochondriac right away, but regular washing and showering is essential during the trip. Women will certainly have a bit more with them. All I can say about that is: “You are beautiful even without make-up and co!

Hygiene auf Backpacker Reise

Hygiene auf Backpacker Reise


  • large travel towel (from Backpacking United)
  • small travel towel (from Backpacking United)
  • toilet bag
  • soap
  • toothbrush
  • Toothbrush protective cover
  • toothpaste
  • razor
  • moisturizing cream
  • deodorant
  • pafum
  • shampoo
  • nail scissors and file
  • emergency toilet paper

Packlist first-aid kit & medicines

Of course you shouldn’t leave everything to chance, but please don’t exaggerate. What you don’t have with you, maybe the backpacker or local next door will have with you. There is also a pharmacy abroad! But beware: not every medicine abroad is like that in Europe. Especially with painkillers, painterons and fever remedies, I would rely on European products. Otherwise, the problem of diarrhoea is well known abroad. Foreign condoms are not always the real thing either…

Wenn man Erste Hilfe braucht!

Wenn man Erste Hilfe braucht!

  • sun cream with high sun protection factor
  • disinfection gel
  • bug spray
  • first aid
  • diarrhoea drug
  • fever drug
  • painkiller
  • condoms
  • standby Malerone

Packlist Papers & Documents

Documents like passport, vaccination card or papers for the foreign health insurance should not be forgotten. A laminated copy of the passport or identity card is also very useful. If you are thinking about renting a car or moped abroad, you should bring your international driving license with you. With the normal one (which is valid also in Europe) one does not get far abroad. Whoever transports the important documents in a waterproof document bag (also very useful for short trips) is always on the safe side.

  • waterproof document bag (buy at Amazon)
  • passport
  • copy of passport laminated
  • vaccination card
  • documents of the international health insurance
  • international driving licence
  • diving certificate or Padi Card + logbook
  • international Student Card
  • emergency numbers
  • passport photos

Money & Finance PackList

I myself have never been stolen while travelling, but I still had a fake purse with me. There you can put expired credit cards, identity cards and a little money in. At least you get rid of the thief. Otherwise I wouldn’t always take so much cash with me. I usually have 50 Euro (rather less) with me, about 200 Euro in the backpack and another 100 Euro in the daypack. It is always advisable to keep cash in different places. With the credit card I can, like many other travel bloggers, only recommend the DKB credit card. With the credit card, one can withdraw cash worldwide free of charge and does not pay any fees for it. On the last trip around the world I had a Visa credit card and a Mastercard credit card with me. But there was a time when I really didn’t have either of them anymore. Therefore I would either recommend 2 DKB credit cards (one with only a 100 € limit) and another credit card or use a PrePaid Debit credit card instead (you have to charge it like with a mobile phone, but it works like a credit card).

  • fake wallet
  • Visa credit card
  • Mastercard credit card
  • TAN list or generator
  • cash (50-100 Euro)
  • emergency US dollar (50 USD)

Packing list for related types of trips

There are not only backpackers on travels or world travels. Nowadays there are so many types that you simply have to describe them as individual travellers. Whether as Flashpacker, Minimalist, Artist, Camper or Digital Nomad. You can’t skerch all over one camera. Surely the packing lists are as different as there are people. But for you I have compiled some more packing lists.

Packlist Backpacking & Camping

Unfortunately I don’t have so much experience with camping. I can sleep in a tent for a few days, but I’m not made for it permanently. I am missing a shower after a few days (YES! I am a warm wimp). Of course you need a little more than the typical things as a backpacker. Unfortunately this is all an additional burden that you have to carry yourself. I don’t know anybody who is on the road for a long time as a camper all by himself. But for two or in a group this is a funny way to travel!

  • tent
  • isomatte
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • camping stove
  • camping utensils
  • fire

PackList Digital Nomads and Work & Travel

I will not only travel as a backpacker, but also as a digital nomad. For this I need something more than the typical backpacker. Also other travellers who want to work on the road (at least in the area of new media) need a few more things on their packing list. I find it important to have an authorized person at home. Also in the age of the E-Postbrief, PostScan and Co there are still obstacles, if one is abroad.

Especially when it comes to signatures! But mostly they are the long postal routes that can make life difficult. To have someone at home who can sign something for you is gold value. As a digital nomad, you should be well positioned online and be able to access your data securely from anywhere.

This also includes a fundamental backup system. If you completely lose your own project or even a customer project, then several days, if not weeks, can be a waste of time. In the worst case scenario, the travel blog that you have painstakingly built up over the years could simply be gone. This would temporarily deprive many of their entire livelihood. You wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

  • socket distributor
  • external store devicePackliste als Digitaler Nomade
  • powerbank
  • business cards
  • international press card (if applicable)
  • plenipotentiaries in the home country

Online & Digital packing list:

  • All documents digitally encrypted (Keypass, Dropbox, Server)
  • Paypal
  • Skype number
  • drop box
  • Netflix, Prime, Spotify or the like
  • backup system

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