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Backpacking in Italy

Italy is regarded as an absolute cultural and leisure country. Long before the first German tourists travelled to Malle or the Canary Islands, they tormented themselves in rather uncomfortable cars, partly also in Vespas and old rickety buses across the Alps. Down through did not go at that time yet. In the 40s and 50s a holiday in Italy was still a real adventure. There was a tourist infrastructure only at the seaside resorts in Rimini and others. Today this has changed. The land of the bitter orange has become a holiday destination for the masses.

But as is so often the case, these masses only hoard together at certain destinations. Those who avoid them can still experience Italy quite originally on Backpacker Way. There is still a lot to explore on a Backpacking Italy tour. Of course, highlights like Rome and its old classical buildings also belong on the visitor agenda and Venice as well. But who knows the National Park Sibylline Mountains, in the region Umbria or the National Park Cilento and Vallo di Diano in the region Campania?



A visit to Lombardy (Lombardia) with its very different landscapes is certainly not only attractive from a geographical point of view, but also a detour through Tuscany or all the way to the south. In the backpacker adventure you will get to know Naples at the foot of the fire-breathing volcano Vesuvius. Not far away, the volcano has buried cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii during one of its countless eruptions. Mafia flair and Sicilian culture can be experienced in Palermo, the capital of Sicily.

Italy also means feasting and enjoying. The “il dolce far niente! – so the sweet idleness is almost proverbial. Go on, prepare your stomach with the best spaghetti and pastas prepared by Mama Leone on the spot. Never again will you taste a pizza that is as good as a real Italian one. And what goes for the food also goes for the wine. Whether sweet or bitter, strong or mild, red or white, everyone has found the right wine in Italy.

The travelling itself is easy going in Italy. You can travel by long-distance bus or train, or take a domestic flight. Modern ferries, but also rustic fishing boats will take you to the offshore islands. You have to talk to the Italians in Italian. But many also speak German and English. The further you get inland or away from the tourist zones, the more you have to speak the local language.

Staying overnight in Italy is no problem when it comes to backpacking – you can find the right accommodation for every budget. The prices are similar to those in Germany. Pay attention to the season, and you save a lot of money. In itself, travelling is safe in the country. Keep your eyes open and avoid dark corners at night – no matter where you are. You can get money in any place. The ATM network is well developed. Even in small mountain villages you can find one or the other cash dispenser.

Culture in Italy

What’s so typical of Italy? And what belongs to Italian culture? Drinking coffee and espresso is certainly typical Italian. Eating ice cream is probably also good. Whether Italians dress more fashionably on average may be doubted. However, an Italian must be able to make a good figure in certain circles. It belongs to the good tone to be well and tastefully dressed and to be able to behave.

In any case, the Italians are proud. They also can – above all on their long history. Although in the last decades there is not much more worth mentioning in a positive respect. The Italo man is regarded as a macho hungry for love. This is probably nothing more than a cliché. The Italian also likes to come a little later. But that only applies to private meetings. The trains and buses usually run according to plan. To the younger Italian culture it belongs to be also mobile phone addicted. The “mammismo” is old and traditional. This means that especially men don’t like to move out with their mothers.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

More Backpacker Information about Italy

Italy is not a cheap backpacker destination. Especially in the high season the prices in the tourist places can increase strongly but you surely know this from other countries. You should calculate between 35 and 60 euros per day. Those who want to visit the most famous museums have to take some more money with them.

A visit in Italy is worthwhile the whole year through also for backpackers. There are plenty of highlights in summer and winter. Discover the country by bike, by train to the islands. Think of the right backpacker equipment depending on the season. Don’t forget the right backpacker gear.

A trip through Italy costs money, then the boot country is not a low budget backpacker country. Who drives in the summer, that pays under circumstances a Batzen for a bed in a Dorm.

Look forward to one of the most varied culinary countries in the world. If you don’t get enough in Italy, you won’t get enough anywhere.

On your backpacker tour through Italy, you can climb mountains, explore islands, admire art museums and experience ancient culture – not to mention the adventure offers.

As a German citizen, you don’t have to worry about entering Italy. Pay attention to the friendly papers and.

Backpacker Route in Italy

Italy has something for every backpacker. You can battle your way through dreamy romantic landscapes in remote national parks or get to know the multifaceted cultural diversity of the country. Whether modern and lively or picturesque from the Middle Ages, whether small sleepy or bubbly lively, in Italy you will surely find what you are looking for on your backpacking trip. Where else in the world are art and culture so close together? Take a look at the Caesars madness of ancient Rome or experience the culinary highlights in Tuscany. There’s a lot to explore on a backpacker holiday in Italy. Let’s have a look at a few worthwhile destinations from the different sectors.

Route 1: The Classic

  • 2-5 days to explore the capital Rome with Colosseum, ViaApia, Vatican and nightlife.
  • 2-5 days enjoying Liguria with the lively Genoa and the Italian Riviera.
  • 2-5 days in Piedmont with the Alpine region and the fashion city of Turin.
  • 2-5 days to get to know Lombardy with its art treasures.
  • 2-5 days to conquer the lagoon city of Venice.
  • 2 days at Lake Garda are a must.
  • 2-5 days to get to know Tuscany including Florence.
  • 2-5 days to conquer the fascinating mountain region of Abruzzo.
  • 2-5 days discover hot Calabria at the tip of your boots.

Route 2: Backpacker Intensive Trip (up to 40 days and more)

  • 2-5 days to explore the capital Rome with Colosseum, ViaApia, Vatican and nightlife.
  • 2-5 days enjoying Liguria with the lively Genoa and the Italian Riviera.
  • 2-5 days in Piedmont with the Alpine region and the fashion city of Turin.
  • 2-5 days to get to know Lombardy with its art treasures.
  • 2-5 days to conquer the lagoon city of Venice.
  • 2 days at Lake Garda are a must.
  • 2-5 days to get to know Tuscany including Florence.
  • 2-5 days to conquer the fascinating mountain region of Abruzzo.
  • Discover 2-5 days of hot Calabria at the tip of your boots.
  • One week to explore Sicily with its beautiful beaches, active volcanoes and art treasures and the capital Palermo.
  • Get to know 2-5 days of Greek flair in Apulia.
  • One week Cagliari and the fantastic Costa Smeralda on the Mediterranean island Sardinien experience.
  • 2-5 days backpacking the hardly visited region Molisse with the capital Campobasso.
  • A few days each in the Gran Sasso and MontidellaLaga National Parks, Casentino Forest National Park, MontiFalterona and Campigna, Sibylline Mountains, NationalparlCilento and VallodiDiano.
  • 6000 km SentieroItalia long-distance hiking trail.
Italy Moped

Italy Moped

Travel times in Italy

The land of the bitter orange welcomes you all year round with a consistently pleasant climate. You can have cold winters with snow on request as well as hot summers. Basically, many Italian regions benefit from a mild climate caused by the Alps and the strong influence of the Mediterranean climate. In the southern regions the average annual temperature can be around 20°C. In the high alpine regions far below. But even there you can count on pleasant summer temperatures.

Backpacker Budget for Italy

For a backpacker trip through Italy you should plan about the same budget as for a trip to Germany or France. There are only minor price differences in the overall picture. Surely it can become much more expensive in the tourist centers during the peak travel season than in the off-season. But this is no different elsewhere. In the centre of Rome and Venice, close to the tourist attractions, it will never be cheap.

You can travel through Italy with all pomp and luxury but also travel very modestly. For every budget you will find the right accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities. According to a statistic of the Italian consumer protection association ADOC, a local spends 39.40 euros per head per day. You can expect a similar bugdet despite the price increase in recent years.

Buses go to Italy

Bus travel conveys the true backpacker feeling. You can already arrive with the long-distance buses from Germany at a reasonable price. In the country you move for partly not even 5 euro supraregional. Check it out at checkmybus. The trips cost in autumn 2015 as follows:

  • Siena to Turin from 6,85 €
  • Perugia to Bologna from 9,00 € at Baltour
  • San BenedettodelTronto to Venice 40,00 € at Baltour
  • Vicenza to Naples from 53,00 € at Marino Autolinee
  • Barletta to Brescia from 45,00 € at Marino Autolinee
  • Mantua to Bologna from 9,00 € at Baltour

Domestic fares in Italy

Nothing easier than booking a cheap domestic flight in Italy. If you enter the two keywords “Italy, domestic flight” in your search engine Google, Yaho, Bing and others, you will be bombarded with offers for domestic flights. Depending on the season, flights cost no more than 20 euros. From Rome to Turin you pay the price of 19 euros. Nevertheless, this is only an emergency alternative. After all, a real backpacker wants to experience pure travel and the plane is no good for that.

Rail travel to Italy

You can choose rail transport according to your budget again. The use of the high-speed trains Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Eurostar Italia costs far more than the journey in a regionally operating Regionali and Regionali Veloci. In addition there are the international trains Eurocity and Euronight. On the website you can find the tariffs for all routes in the Italian railway network. Other sites are and Frequent travellers can buy Trenitalia 10er or 12er tickets with free rides or see if the Interrail offer could be interesting.

Backpacker accommodations in Italy

On your backpacker tour through Italy you can take advantage of almost every standard of accommodation available. Italy is a tourist country that offers the right accommodation for every requirement and every budget. However, you should consider carefully whether it is sometimes not more advisable to rent a small hotel room or private accommodation than to sleep in a crowded hostel dorm. Especially in the off-season there are undreamt-of possibilities. On various pages that offer holiday houses or apartments, you can find a bed or room for 30-50 Euro. With two persons this always pays off.

You can stay overnight in simple budget hotels or, if your wallet allows it, find shelter in feudal First Class Resort. Simple as well as exclusive pensions and residences, as well as holiday apartments and inns are available in the mountains, inland and on the beaches. Look around for accommodation on farms or in mountain huts. Alternatives are chalets and bed & breakfasts. If you want to save a little more on accommodation, you should look for accommodation with host families or student rooms in a single room in good time. One site that has such offers is

How much does a bed in a dorm in an Italian hostel cost? As always, we ask the hostel site Hostelworld, on which the average prices can be found. An overnight stay in Italy in a hostel is not cheap. No comparison to Asia.

  • Euro 20.68 Rome
  • Euro 17.95 Florence
  • Euro 31.39 Venice
  • Euro 32.00 Milan
  • Euro 17.63 Naples
  • Euro 26.05 Cinque Terre
  • Euro 13.25 Pisa
  • Euro 26.75 Bologna
  • Euro 20.75 Genoa
  • Euro 28.00 Verona

Camping in Italy

Italy is also a real camping country. There are campsites all over the country. Even in the outskirts of Rome. By bus or other public transport you can get to the city centre in no time at all. Depending on the standard, however, the campsites cost a lot of money. Here is a list of campsites in Italy.

Backpacker Trips, Tips & Highlights in den Italy

On a backpacker tour through Italy you can choose between cultural, adventure or gourmet tours. Or you can combine them. One of the absolute highlights is a visit to the cities of Rome, Genoa, Venice or Milan. You can also concentrate on individual regions. Some Travellers have never left Tuscany. Others are attracted by the fantastic beaches around the boot and the offshore islands. A tour over Sicily or through Sardinia can take weeks. Naples, the Vesuvius, Pisa with its Leaning Tower, but also the many museums in Turin, Florence or Bologna are worth a detour. At Lake Como or Lake Maggiore it is also worth camping or staying in a hostel.

Italy mountains

Italy mountains

Backpacker Highlights in Italy

All pleasure backpackers and friends of fine arts as well as culture fans will get their money’s worth in Italy. Enjoy an original Italian meal with Parma ham and other world-famous delicacies, including a real espresso, in the small country taverns and enjoy a really good time afterwards. You can also visit the islands of Capri, Ischia and Elba and experience the traditional fishing culture in dreamy fishing nests. A visit to the Uffizi Museum in Genoa, the Automobile Museum in Turin, the Vatican Museum in Rome and the Roman Civilization Museum should definitely be on your agenda. Fashion fans in Milan and Turin will certainly be completely over the moon.

Backpacker insider tips in Italy

There are hardly any real insider tips left in a tourist country like Italy. But you could enrol in a local cooking course and learn how to really cook Italian. Those who love wine can also take a look at the winemaking work in one of the many wineries. As far as the sporting and active aspect is concerned, you can either walk the entire 6,000 kilometre Sentiero Italia long-distance trail or tear off sections.

During the 350 stages, you’ll pass through small remote mountain or country villages away from mass tourism. The same is true of the Ciclopista del Sole long-distance cycle path, which stretches across the entire Italian peninsula and mostly leads over less frequented pistes. A few insider tips for backpackers, especially outside the season, are the Egadi Islands, Amantea, in Calabria, the mountain village Maratea, Basilicata and Conegliano in Veneto. The town of Martina Franca is really picturesque and you can still experience the old fishing tradition in Caorle, Veneto.

Food & Drinks in Italy

Italia, bella Italia. Italy is not only beautiful. In Italy you can also really kneel down on your palate. Italy is a land of milk and honey for connoisseurs who don’t have a big backpacker budget. In almost every town in the interior and on the coast you’ll find inviting little restaurants, pizzerias and delicatessens where the most heavenly temptations are served. Pizza Hut and similar fast food chains can also be found in all larger cities, but it would be an outrage not to try the local delicacies from A to Z during an Italy backpacker adventure.

Eating in Italy

Everything in Italy is different from home in terms of cuisine. Italians don’t think much of a hearty breakfast (colazione). A coffee or cappuccino and a cornetti, which resembles a French croissant, is enough. But it can also be a brioche or a panini. From midday on, the menus become richer. Antipasto – starter, primo piatto – first course, with pasta, pithy soups and rice risotto precede the Secundo piatto – second course, with meat and fish dishes. Those who are invited privately to Mama Leone’s home may praise themselves happily. Especially in the countryside, even the daily family meal is compared to German eating habits, a feast. Put mortadella, salami, Parma ham, pizza and pasta in all variations, rice dishes like risotto al gorgonzola, ossobuco alla milanese and much more into your stomach during the Italian backpacking adventure. Maybe the scales will show a little more after the tour.

Pizza in Italy

Pizza in Italy

Drinking in Italy

Italy is a wine country. Already the Romans have practiced a high-class wine culture. Wine is cultivated in almost all regions. The Chianti, Calabresse and many others are world famous. Internationally known are also the delicious liqueurs. Who doesn’t know them, the Campari, Cinzano and Aperol? A little harder becomes the gait with a Grappa or the herb schnapps like Fernet Branca, Ramazzotti, Averna and others. There are even good brandies. Beer is also drunk in Italy. But the national drink is the cappucchino and the espresso. Just like coffee culture in general has a high status in Italian society.

Backpacker Visa and Vaccinations in Italy

As Italy is part of the EU and has therefore agreed to the Schengen Agreement, you as a German citizen normally have no problems entering the country. But make sure that your backpacker trip to Italy is fully up to date in order to avoid problems.

According to the German Foreign Office, you will need the following entry documents in order to enter Italy without any problems. For German citizens, entry into Italy is possible with the following documents:

  • Passport: Yes
  • Provisional passport: Yes
  • Identity card: Yes
  • Temporary identity card: Yes, must be valid.
  • Children’s passport: Yes
  • Still valid child ID according to old model: Yes
  • Also important: Every child needs his or her own ID document.

Medical Information & Vaccinations for Italy

Exceptional epidemics and tropical diseases are not to be expected in Italy. However, every backpacker should still have sufficient vaccination protection. The vaccination programme of the Robert Koch Institute is recommended.

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