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Backpacking in Sweden

To experience Sweden as a backpacker certainly has its charm. Because 1. it is the largest Scandinavian country in northern Europe and 2. there is a lot to discover and experience. Sweden is a real culture and geography Eldorado. Water, sweet and salty, there are masses around the country and spread all over the country. Wide green plains are surrounded by dense primeval forests in which a diverse fauna cavorts.

An extensive Swedish backpacking adventure takes you through either one, two or all three Swedish provinces. To the south is the cultural Götaland, which is made up of 10 provinces. Then you can explore the centre, known as Svealand, with the metropolis of Stockholm. And you will experience the absolute adventure in the lonely Norrland at the top of the north.

Schweden - Castle

Schweden – Castle

The cultural centres of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö should certainly be on your backpacker’s agenda, as they will tell you all about the country’s multifaceted history. The magnificent castles of the Wasa Dynasty and lively city centres await you. Explore the life of the inhabitants in the past in various open-air museums such as the Vasa Museum on the island of Djurgårde or the Skansen open-air museum. There is also an ABBA museum. On the island of Björkö you can also see in the Viking Museum how the rough Northmen once lived.

If you can’t get enough of nature, you’ll certainly find the steppe region Stora on the island of Öland attractive. And for those who like trekking, the Kungsleden hiking trail in Lapland is the best. How you as nature-loving backpackers should pay a longer visit to Lapland and its tradition-conscious inhabitants.

Travelling in Sweden doesn’t pose any major problems as you will be staying in one of the most advanced countries in the world. You can travel from Germany by car, bus, bicycle, train, ferry or plane. However, when it comes to travelling and travel costs in the country itself, be aware that Sweden is not cheap. Travelling by train costs as much as flying. Whereby you as environmentally conscious backpackers naturally prefer the train.

You also want to see something? Bus travel is inexpensive and easy. As far as the cost of living is concerned, you should expect Central European prices when planning your budget. One exception is alcohol. Here the state is imposing a heavy tax. The tax is so high that swallowing is sometimes no fun, because the financial resources are burnt up too quickly.

You can sleep cheaply in special travel and backpacker accommodations. “Vandrarhem”, which means youth hostel, are cheap places to go. But there are also huts called “stuga” in Swedish.

You don’t necessarily have to speak Swedish when travelling the country. English in any case. Getting you cash during the Sweden Backbacking Trip should not be a problem, because there are ATMs in almost every town.

Culture in Sweden

Backpacking in Schweden

Backpacking in Sweden

Sweden used to be a great power not only in the Nordic region, but also on the whole European continent. You should not forget that when you travel the country. Numerous cultural relics but also habits still today point back to the old Nordmänner culture. Among them the Midsummer Festival and the Allemannsrätten (Everyman’s Right).

This extremely social allemansrätt allows you to hike in almost any terrain while backpacking in Sweden. Private plots and plantations should only be entered upon request from the owner. Also the use of boats is allowed almost everywhere (except on private properties). You can eat anything that grows wild – but you shouldn’t.

The most original is still the culture of the seeds, an old Swedish tribe. Typical Swedish are also ABBA, Ikea, Elche, Winter, Pipi Longstocking and the Julfest, where the “rebirth of light” is celebrated.

Going out, on the other hand, was not exactly invented in Sweden. The bear seldom steps all night long in the entertainment districts of the metropolises. The locals are more comfortable in this respect, which doesn’t mean that the Swedes don’t know how to celebrate. As far as the food culture in this strongly Protestant country is concerned, you can look forward to lots of herring and salmon, lobster, meatballs (köttbullar) and smoked reindeer hearts.

Backpacker Information about Sweden

Sweden is not one of the top backpacking countries. This is certainly not due to the cultural and adventure offers. Rather, it is the prices and the high cost of living that deter many backpackers from a trip to Sweden. You already have some change to go on a Swedish backpacker tour over a longer period of time.

During the Swedish peak season, the overnight prices in certain holiday regions can increase again. Between 50 and 80 Euros per day have to be calculated in order to see the most interesting Swedish highlights and to get through moderately to well. Take advantage of the Sweden savings offers on travel and transport websites. Avoid the tourist highlights in high season.

Sweden has a multifaceted adventure and cultural programme for backpackers. You can explore the country on foot, with the wheel, the Bike, by course, bus or course and thereby a facet-rich landscape with islands, Taigaregionen, endless beaches, dense Urwäldern, snow-covered mountain peaks, graceful river landscapes and modern like old cities get to know. Take weatherproof backpacker equipment and clothes with you depending on the season and the region of Sweden.

Sweden has never been a cheap backpacker destination. Those who travel during the main travel season have to increase the already lavish basic budget even further. But also otherwise the Traveln in Sweden is partly quite expensive. Stay away from the Swedish tourist spots in summer and use the right of public access when possible. This gives you the right to camp almost anywhere for free.

Vikings in Schweden

Vikings in Sweden

Sweden is not a gourmet country, but it could be because of the variety of culinary delicacies. Smoked bread and crispbread are certainly not the only Swedish gastronomic highlights. There are even decent Swedish wines and good beers.

During your backpacking adventure through Sweden, ancient tribal cultures such as Lapp’s await you. In addition to wild lonely regions, through which adventurous Dirtroads run, and many adventures, which you can experience while trekking and Hikking on islands, in dense forests, in the Taiga and other locations. What you should have seen, plus some worthwhile Swedish secret tips, can be found below.

As a German citizen you don’t have to apply for a visa before the Sweden Backpacker trip. Make sure that your identity documents are valid for your stay in Sweden. In Sweden you will find first class medical care.

Backpacker Budget in Sweden

Kosten in Schweden

Budhet in Sweden

Your backpacker budget for your Sweden trip should be a little higher, because it is not cheap, life. With a daily rate of at least 50 Euro you should already calculate. It’s also cheaper, but then at the cost of using visitor programs. For example, you can save a lot on transportation with the InterRail-Sweden-Pass. Taxi driving costs a starting fee of about 5 Euros, then 1.5 Euros are added per kilometre driven.

A bus ride with a local bus costs about one Euro. Reduced multiple tickets are available for buses, subways or trams in the larger cities. For the overnight stay you must estimate prices like in German Hostels. The overnight stay in huts, especially out of season, is cheaper. Camping is even cheaper. The Everyman’s Right gives you the possibility to camp for free at breathtaking locations.

Costs for the bus

If you come to the country by long-distance bus, you will surely come from Denmark over the spectacular Öresund Bridge to Sweden. Then you cover the greater distances with express buses in northern, southern and central Sweden. The buses are comfortable and state-of-the-art.

The best thing is to have a look at the website of the biggest bus company Swebus Express. They will take you to over 300 destinations throughout the country. If you are in possession of a valid student card, there is another discount. If you want to travel out of the country by bus, check out the offers on the Eurolines website. Other bus companies are gobybus, Y-buss and Härjedalingen.

Costs for domestic flights

With the Swedish domestic airlines you can quickly cover longer distances, but don’t let this become a habit on your backpacking trip to Sweden, because you’ll miss out on great landscapes. You can see the prices you can expect for domestic flights on the websites of the airline SAS, which is also Sweden’s largest domestic airline. Other domestic airlines are Blekinge Flyg, Nextjet, Direktflyg, Norwegian, Malmö Aviation and Gotlandsflyg. On their website you can see the latest offers.

Rail costs

You can travel cheaply with the InterRail-Sweden-Pass in the country. Check out the deals and savings on the website of Normally you don’t have to reserve a seat outside the season. An exception are some high-speed and night trains. With the ticket you can, for example, cover the routes: Gothenburg – Stockholm, Malmö – Stockholm, Stockholm – Gothenburg – Malmö or Stockholm – Lapland or take the famous Arctic Circle train. Check out the websites of Skånetrafike, Trafik i Mälardalen and Connex for cheap rail connections. A good ferry service is

Backpacker Route in Sweden

Discovering Sweden as a backpacker is associated with a lot of flexibility if you are not travelling to Sweden in midsummer. Otherwise you should be prepared for varied days, weeks and months, especially because of the harsh climate. Up in the north, near the Lapps, it can get fresh even in summer. However, you can look forward to a wide range of experiences of a geographical and cultural nature.

Whether museums, nightlife, outdoors or relaxing on lonely lakes and rivers, Sweden has a lot to offer backpackers. You will hardly meet many people on your backpacking Sweden trips except in the few bigger cities, but the country is not densely populated enough. But basically this is also an advantage – at least for those of you who are looking for a nature experience. Let’s take a look at which Sweden highlights could be on your itinerary.

15 -20 days Sweden Backpacker short trip

  • 1-3 days Stockholm with its many muses
  • 1-3 days to visit the cities of Göteborg, Malmö and Uppsala. You will encounter a lot of historical buildings.
  • Enjoy 1-2 days of authentic harbour town flair in Umeå and Luleå.
  • 1-2 days of nature adventures in Sweden’s largest moorland, Store mosse, which is also a national park.
  • 1-3 days of solitude in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Stora alvaret, the seemingly endless steppe landscape on the island of Öland.
  • 1-3 days of pure adventure in Sarek, the largest Swedish national park.
  • 1-3 days canoe tour on the Dalslandskanal. It goes through rivers, brooks and lakes.

20 days and more Sweden discovery tour

  • 1-3 days Stockholm with its many muses
  • 1-3 days to visit the cities of Göteborg, Malmö and Uppsala. You will encounter a lot of historical buildings.
  • Enjoy 1-2 days of authentic harbour town flair in Umeå and Luleå.
  • 1-2 days of nature adventures in Sweden’s largest moorland, Store mosse, which is also a national park.
  • 1-3 days of solitude in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Stora alvaret, the seemingly endless steppe landscape on the island of Öland.
  • 1-3 days of pure adventure in Sarek, the largest Swedish national park.
  • 1-3 days canoe tour on the Dalslandskanal. It goes through rivers, brooks and lakes.
  • Several days and weeks of trekking along the Kungsleden hiking trail in Lapland.
  • For weeks you can hike along the holiday and adventure routes in Sweden, or you can hitch a ride or do whatever you like. Among them the Blue Path, Fäbodvägen, Guldvägen, Inlandsvägen and Konstvägen.
  • 1-3 days getting to know Sweden by train on the railway lines Anten-Gräfsnäs or Nora-Ervalla.
  • 1-3 days to drive along the Vildmarksvägen in the north of Sweden.

Travel times in Sweden

What can you say about the travel times in Sweden? The country lies in the north of Europe and it gets cold there. The summer is short and the winters long. Sometimes you don’t stop at all – right at the top in the north. You should definitely prepare yourself mentally and with the right clothes. Nevertheless, it can get really hot in summer. For a short time, but at least. There is no real recommended travel time for Swedish backpackers, because each season inspires with its own beauties and attractions.

Schweden Elch

Sweden Moose

Backpacker accommodations in Sweden

Word has already spread that Sweden is not a cheap travel destination. This means that you also have to dig a little deeper into your pockets for accommodation during your backpacker Sweden trip. However, you can choose from numerous different types of accommodation. From a 5 Star hotel complex to a lonely hunting lodge on a Swedish lake, everything is available. If you need to keep an eye on your budget, which is the case with most Swedish backpackers, take a look at the page.

This is a student site, but you can find accommodation there. Especially if you intend to stay longer, it might be worth taking a look. Or simply check with the providers. A similar site is Booking a holiday home can also be worthwhile. Maybe just when you stay a little longer in one place and explore the region from there. Otherwise, look around for cheap hotel rooms. This is especially worthwhile if you are travelling with several people.

The hostel accommodations are not exactly cheap, but certainly one of the most economical types of accommodation in Sweden. According to Hostelworld, the average prices in Sweden for a bed in a dorm are as follows

  • Stockholm 26.26 Euro
  • Gothenburg 25.09 Euro
  • Malmo 31.28 Euro
  • Uppsala 25.20 Euro
  • Lund 64.28 Euro
  • Helsingborg 45.34 Euro
  • Sundsvall 20.09 Euro
  • Lulea 63.13 Euro

A bit more you have to calculate for an accommodation in a Bed and Breakfast.

Camping in Sweden

The cheapest way to spend the night at the Backpacker Adventure in Sweden, apart from couchsurfing, is probably camping. And here you will find undreamt-of possibilities, because everyone has the right of access. This ancient Swedish law allows you to spend the night in the great outdoors almost anywhere in the wild. However, this also means that you have to be considerate of private property and bear a great responsibility with regard to your dirt.

You should leave every place the way you found it. However, the right of public access is restricted in the national parks. If you prefer to go to a campsite, you will find numerous well-equipped and beautifully laid out campsites all over the country. You don’t even need to take a tent with you, as many providers offer camping cabins that can be rented at a reasonable price. It is logical that the prices increase strongly in the summer months.

Food & Drinks in Sweden

Street food Schweden

Streetfood Sweden

Sweden is not known as the first gourmet address in the world, which does not mean that there are no culinary specialities. No, there are, but there is no fame. To change this, the government has launched the “Matlandet Sverige” programme, which in German means “Sweden, the new culinary destination”. To call out Ok is one thing, to offer another.

Basically, the local cuisine is a rural home cooking with fish, minced meat, game, cheese etc.. There is also a very special cuisine to discover in Sweden backpacking, including dishes that are difficult to pronounce and read. One of them is Smörgåsbord, which you usually come across on the big Swedish ferries. Another one is Sill. Sill is not everyone’s cup of tea. Who likes to eat pickled herring?

Everything about food

The Landgång is delicious, inexpensive and nutritious. It is a sandwich with a variety of cold cuts – just like nuts. Don’t be fooled if you bite into the cake-like Smörgåstårta, which is not sweet, but contains all kinds of seafood. The small meatballs are hearty Köttbullar: small meatballs, often in a brown cream sauce: Swedish Köttbullar. Vegetarians will surely enjoy the Filmjölk – a mix of kefir and buttermilk.

You should definitely try “Kalles Kaviar”. This is something like the caviar of the little man from the tube. Used as a spread on bread. Also the Swedish meat sausage Falukorv is not bad. And neither is the potato dish Pytt i panna. What you definitely get in Sweden from the backpacker is good bread and even better crispbread. Of course you will also find the offshoots of the international fast food chains in every major city. But you should prefer the Swedish cuisine with the original recipes in the small restaurants.

What to drink there

There is even viticulture in Sweden, but you can hardly buy the wine because of the strict laws concerning the distribution of alcohol. Wines and beers in Sweden are only available in the monopoly shop Systembolaget. But you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket. A Swedish beer costs 3 times as much as a normal German beer.

Strangely enough the wines don’t cost so much compared to beer. Whisky is also available. One of them is even brewed in the world’s northernmost whisky distillery. The Mackmyra Whisky is good. If you want to know what the prices are for alcoholic drinks in the country at the moment, take a look at

Backpacker Trips, Tips & Highlights in Sweden

In Sweden some backpacker travel highlights of a very special kind await you. Museums, culture, history, geography etc. are just a few of the points in which the top acts are divided. You can discover many of the highlights when you leave the tourist routes. The best known is the Bergslagsdiagonale, which in German means “Bergslagdiagonale”. The route leads over more than 450 kilometres through Askersund, Örebro and the old mining region Kopparberg. The copper mine of Falun is also on this charming route.

Other well-known routes through Sweden are the Blue Route, which leads from Norway via Sweden and Finland to Russia, as well as the Inlandsvägen, Konstvägen, Sagenweg and the Silberweg. Through Lapland and Lämtland there is the so-called Wilderness Road. How you should discover Lapland at all. But you will hardly meet many people there, because the population density is 1 inhabitant per km².

But there you will get to know the culture of the Sami people, who used to be called Lapps. The landscape is fascinating and ranges from the seemingly endless Taiga mountains to 2000 m high mountain peaks. You can visit several national parks in Lapland, including Laponia, Sarek, Padjelanta, Abisko and Kebnekaise.

Natur in Schweden

Nature in Sweden

Backpacker Highlights

Among the backpacker highlights in Sweden is certainly a visit to the bizarre looking archipelago gardens. In the archipelago his same a variety of ecosystems integrated. Let yourself be inspired by the unique natural landscape. Also on the island of Ödland it is worthwhile to stay for a while. However, in summer time it can get a little fuller on the so-called sun island. What you don’t see there are mountains and woods, but or just because of that more than 350 windmills. The island is also known as the bicycle island because of its flat relief. You can choose from hundreds of campsites.

Those who like Pipi Longstocking have to go to Vimmerby in the northeast of Småland, where there is a huge amusement park. Also visit the cities of Malmö, Stockholm and Uppsala and mingle with the people. Numerous museums and an exciting nightlife await you. Småland is the cradle of Swedish culture. Thick primeval forests, graceful lakes reflecting in the sunlight and a wide natural landscape welcome you there.

Backpacker insider tips

Lonely, wild and sometimes wet it gets in Gästrikland, the land of water. A tenth of the land area consists of lakes, many possibilities of water sports are offered. A typical fishing village Flair awaits you while discovering the small fishing villages in the Bohuslän region. The archipelago is also located there. Sweden backpackers who like delicious seafood dishes will get their money’s worth. You can also get to know the offshore islands of Åstol, Marstrand and Carlstens Fästning. Sea kayaking is also a recommendable activity. The provinces Dalsland, Närke or Blekinge are less visited by tourists.

Sweden - Northern Lights

Sweden – Northern Lights

Backpacker Visa and Vaccinations in Sweden

As a German you don’t have a problem with entering Sweden. However, as a backpacker you should always make sure that your papers are up to date before entering the country. Also you should always keep an eye on the entry regulations to Sweden, because every now and then it can come to short-term changes.

Especially in times of the refugee crisis. According to the Federal Foreign Office, Sweden has declared security level 3 of a total of 5 since 2 March 2016. Special behavioural measures apply, which you can find on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. One of these is: “The Federal Foreign Office strongly advises you to take along unknown persons who may not have a valid ID or entry visa”.

Entry is possible for German citizens with the following entry documents:

  • Passport: Yes
  • Provisional passport: Yes
  • Identity card: Yes
  • Temporary identity card: Yes
  • Children’s passport: Yes
  • Visa

You do not need to observe any visa regulations when entering Sweden.

Medical information & vaccinations

You don’t have to worry about tropical and unusual diseases when backpacking in Sweden. Make sure that your vaccination pass is complete and up to date. All hospitals in Sweden are up to date.