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Recently there have been many articles about sex tourism in different countries. I came to the topic only by chance, because I researched for another article. The topic around sex tourism is a difficult undertaking in Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil and Colombia. In this article I would like to shed light on different aspects and above all encourage discussion.

Foreword on the subject of sex tourism

On my trip around the world, I was confronted with the topic several times, but I didn’t really really get into it. I was recently asked how I deal with sex tourism as a backpacker and what position I take on it. This is a rather difficult question, because for me personally there is no black or white, but a rather expressionistic grey.

What is sex tourism on the Internet?

Before the World Cup in Brazil, more than 3350 new sex websites were created on site. In the article Sex Tourism in Brazil – Places and Prices you can read more about it. Even now, shortly before the Olympic Games, the government is taking massive action against sex tourism in Brazil. My point here is rather to mention that sex tourism already starts on the Internet. Anyone who has already planned to use such a service in a country before will probably find information on the Internet. We all know that there are many black sheep on the Internet.

Cam Show Sex

Cam Show Sex

The pages entice with pictures and offers, which you probably never get to see on the spot. The worst are certainly child prostitution or human trafficking in general. Every reasonable person condemns this. It is inhuman and criminal. I hope, we are united on this basis for the first time!

By sex tourism on the Internet I also mean cam-sex offers. These offers often advertise with women from a certain country like Thailand, Colombia or Brazil. I find such offers legitimate as long as the women do it of their own free will. I can hardly control this from my room, but at least such offers are usually without risk for both parties.

Local sex tourism

Whether Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Philippines or elsewhere. There will always be the business of buying love or sex. I am sure that there were already agreements or deals in this direction in primeval times. It is not for nothing that there are sayings like “The first night is due to the father”. In many cultures, dealing with virginity is still a precious commodity today, but back to the subject.

The fact for me is that prostitution cannot be forbidden. It can, however, be regulated, controlled and supported in such a way that this business becomes safer for women. My primary concern is the safety of women. In Germany, the business of prostitution certainly works better than in many other countries. The history of German prostitution has also not remained without stains on the white shirt. I think prostitution in Germany is no worse than in other countries and is actually regulated theoretically by our laws. What do you mean?

The advantages and disadvantages of sex tourism

Guys, now it’s getting exciting and critical! Critical because I am sure that some of you will not agree with me. Just as I respect your opinion, please try to accept mine as well. There is still the right to freedom of expression in Germany. We should celebrate this privilege rather than suppress it.

Advantages of sex tourism

I see a win-win situation in the following situation: When women offer their bodies for sale of their own free will, can handle their job psychologically well and are safe and protected. On the other hand, the suitor should of course come along as a normal guy with normal intentions. That’s what I’m basically assuming now.

The reason why women offer their bodies is money, correct? Money, which they need either for themselves or their family to survive. If it’s also money from abroad, then it’s actually ideal for boosting the domestic economy. But you have to admit honestly that no matter in which country we are, most of the customers of prostitutes are still local.

Girls waiting for Sex

Girls waiting for Sex

Sexual services for women and our social problem

Before women get a raw deal: In Africa, for example, it is exactly the other way round. Older women look for a young man and pay for sexual services. In the end, the offer also makes men or women happy. I prefer people who are not quite so successful with the opposite sex to make use of the love they can buy, rather than when they explode completely or go crazy literally.

Because I don’t think that our society is very tolerant towards other societies. Every one of us has somehow, at some point, been mugged or bullied somebody else. Maybe not maliciously, but there are those moments when you feel badly done by others. To put it soberly, it can also simply be that you don’t feel valued or loved.

Economic advantages of the dirty business

Sex tourism is an important source of income for developing countries (in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand sex tourism accounts for between 2 and 14% of gross income). The customers (tourists) are mainly Western Europeans and Americans. It flows into the economy and many women see the chance for relatively easy earned money. Nevertheless, it has its downsides when the sex business becomes easier than doing another job.

Nicht nur Frauen sind im Geschäft

Not only women are in business

Disadvantages of sex tourism

Of course, sex tourism also has its disadvantages. The business is about a lot of money. In Frankfurt I took part in an alternative city tour and in Frankfurt alone 600 million Euro (IN WELCHEM ZEITRAUM?) were earned in the Rotlichtmilleu. Unfortunately, money is always a motivation for black sheep to become active.

Many women who find themselves in an awkward situation (poverty, drug addiction, human trafficking, coercion) enter the sex business as a result and often find no way out. So it is not surprising that sex tourism is also associated with drug trafficking. Unfortunately, in many countries it is still the case that women are not managed independently but by so-called pimps or clubs. This makes them dependent and sometimes destitute.

Disadvantages for normal tourists and backpackers

Even normal tourists and backpackers are bothered by sex tourism. Bars and clubs are full of prostitutes in some places. Of course it is interesting to watch how something like this works, but often you don’t even know if they are prostitutes or not. It happened to me several times in different countries that I just couldn’t tell who these girls were anymore.

In Brazil, Thailand or the Philippines. You just can’t sit down at the bar and have a drink or dance anymore. You always have to be careful not to get ripped off or bullied. In Thailand there are also many services that are offered as escort service or holiday relationships. It is already disturbing when the young girl on the beach enjoys herself with the older gentleman. That’s certainly not the rule, but in the Philippines it scared me a bit.

The problem I have with it is the barrier between body and emotions. A prostitute will not fool you into loving you (there are even some prostitutes where kissing is forbidden). In contrast to the girls who offer this service. It is often the case that their “boyfriends” from the West keep them financially afloat all year round so that they can have as much fun as they want on holiday. Kind of disturbing, isn’t it?

Sexual diseases through sex tourism

Kondome fuer Frauen?!

Kondome fuer Frauen?!

Not to forget are sexual diseases, which are even more common abroad and therefore represent a higher risk than in Germany. According to my opinions, people do not deal with it enough until they catch something on their own. That doesn’t always have to be HIV! But e.g. Hepatitis B. There are Internet pages like Machsmit, which inform and clear up really well about the topic. It doesn’t hurt to visit the site and those who often have different sexual partners will have to deal with it sooner or later.

One cannot expect that the education system in other countries is as good as in Germany and even if problems are known abroad, not everyone there will deal with them. Therefore always applies: Machs’ with condom. This protects you from most diseases. If a man now thinks “bähhh, but doesn’t feel so good”, he simply has to spend a little more money and buy the right condoms. Most men buy condoms that either don’t fit or have a very thick latex skin.

You also get vaccinated against diseases like rabies, malaria, yellow fever and co. A little precaution in this area can not hurt, because sex is also something great =)

My personal opinion

Already at the arguments and the way one can read out how I stand to sex tourism. There will also be many other positive and negative arguments about sex tourism. Ultimately, everyone must decide for themselves how they feel about sex tourism and, above all, gather their own experiences before forming a judgement. Whether this happens through research or experience doesn’t matter, but you have to inform yourself in every case.

Forgive me if I repeat myself, but I am basically for sex tourism under certain conditions. It must take place in a safe and protected environment for women. The business (women, places and conditions) must be regulated and controlled. I reject any kind of child abuse, human trafficking, violence or coercion! I am aware that these conditions are not observed in almost any country. But I am concerned here with the principle! We can’t talk about peace in the world if a few crazy people cut their heads off somewhere.

Brasilianische Frauen sind bekannt für Ihre Schönheit und Rasse

Brazilian women are known for their beauty and race

I see opportunities for both sexes

But everyone in this business has to be aware of the risks. I am talking about violence and sexually transmitted diseases.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I have not yet had any experience as a sex tourist. On the one hand I am far too stingy to use this service and on the other hand I find it strange to imagine myself as one of many to dip into it… Not to mention the risks of being robbed or catching an illness. Personally, I feel more compassion and would rather ask the prostitute why she is doing this and try to help her somehow differently. Money will not help her in most cases either.

On the other hand, I have to admit that the self-confidence is already enormously increased when one is approached, flirted with or turned on. In another article I will tell you about my personal experiences in different countries, including a very exciting story from Thailand.

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