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What do I want to achieve with backpacker-trip.com?

backpacker-trip.com shall first of all become a backpacker information portal. All countries and sites are a manuel translation from backpacker-reise.de, but will life on its on after that. In the country menu you will find information about route, costs, accommodation, trips & tips as well as food & drink and visa & vaccinations. In the long run, I want to provide this information for each country in the world. In addition to the information, I also want to use the site as a travel blog and digital nomad blog. I’d like to separate it, but I just don’t have the time right now.


I am Chris. From the main profession of digital nomad, professional travel blogger and SEO consultant.

On my world travel blog I call myself “MrGlobing”, because since I can think I travel the world. 2012 / 2013 then also for 15 months the long term world tour. I was born in 1986 in Luckau (Germany). After my Bachelor in Business Computing I first wanted to study acting, but then decided against it and started the Master in Business Computing at the same university.

I also worked as a business analyst, acted as an actor and traded on the stock market. It was only during my trip around the world that I discovered my talent and joy for WordPress, blogging and SEO. After a lot of work and training, it really paid off to observe the result and the development now. Currently I travel the world and have no time pressure to settle down anywhere.

To avoid this section I just created a small one-pager (chris-wilpert.de in English), where you can read more about me and what I am doing.

Start into digital nomadic life with – SeoLift the SEO Consultancy

My German World tour Blog became more or less more successful at the end of the worldtour. I then decided to register a business in Germany and expand my online business further. The core of my business should be the SEO consulting and my website SeoLift (in german).

SeoLift is a young but innovative company which concentrates on the SEO problems and goals. Of course always anxious to pursue a larger goal (more sales, more traffic, …) or concept (growth, profit maximization, …).

You can’t describe me in general terms – you have to experience me!

Either I am so broadly positioned in my self-description that I mention all facets and you don’t even recognize them, or I simply don’t stand out for some. If the environment is right, then I often don’t care what people think of me. Unfortunately, I also adapt to groups more often and then try to escape as fast as possible… I have learned to spend a lot of time with myself, but enjoy the time with other people all the more! I try nevertheless times with a few basic data:

I am…
funny, charming, intelligent, crazy, spontaneous, flexible, complicated, thoughtful, ironic, talkative, friendly, helpful, stubborn, lazy, curious, a bit stingy, adventurous

I do…
lots of sports (volleyball, swimming, racing bike, football, surfing, diving, climbing, hiking), meditation, movies/series, stock exchange, theatre/act, adventure travel, online projects, SEO

Motto of life…

  • Nothing is impossible!
  • Never try, never know!
  • Always stay positive!

Other travel bloggers and authors

There are other travel bloggers and authors on backpacker-trip.com. Alone I can’t do all this anymore and you want to read interesting articles regularly. That’s why I’m expanding the team a bit and looking for more travel bloggers and authors. So let’s go…

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