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My opinion on the travel blogger scene and digital nomads

Packliste als Digitaler Nomade

I have been a travel blogger since 2012 and have learned and seen a lot in recent years. In this article I would like to draw an interim conclusion. More or less these are just comments on the travel blogger scene and the current trend around digital nomads. I am certainly not a pioneer, but I have had many of the German travel blogs and digital nomads starlets on my screen. Currently, there is also an extremely broad “middle class” of travel bloggers and prospective digital nomads. It is certainly a positive trend, because I am of the opinion that the more people live like this, the better companies can adapt to it… But I want to point out explicitly that this article only reflects my personal opinion and assessment. Others may see things differently! Rather I understand the points as discussion suggestions. Why I want to write about the

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Sex tourism in Thailand – As if they were in my bed

So sieht der Sextourismus in Thailand aus

When I look at the room on the first floor of the small guesthouse, I wonder a bit about the dimension of the bed. To be exact, the room actually consists only of a huge mattress, a narrow corridor to the right and to the left, a mirror at the front wall. “As if they were in my bed” I’m scared to death because I hear the sound of a key in the door. But I realize that it is not our door that is unlocked, but the door to the next room. The walls are thin and I hear the voice of a young European and the voice of an Asian. Now that I’m awake, I hear every word of the conversation: “Do want to have a drink?”, “No, thanks”, “Okay, than take your clothes off”. I hear the creaking of the bed frame, the breathing of the man

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My experiences in connection with sex tourism

Sextourismus in Thailand

I think every male backpacker has had experiences in the field of sex tourism before. Maybe not always active, but seen or experienced on the sidelines. In some countries it might be easier not to pay attention or just to look away, but especially in Thailand and the Philippines it was omnipresent for me when I left in the evening! Experiences with sex tourism in Brazil I was in Brazil for one month (2 weeks Rio, 2 weeks Sao Paulo). Already after a few days I made my first acquaintance with sex tourism. After a couchsurfing meeting we went to a bar to celebrate something else. Already after a few minutes I was danced by a really pretty Latina. This is nothing special, because in South America the party culture is more open and a bit wilder. But I was surprised that she flirted a bit more aggressively very fast.

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