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Backpacking in Cuba – Culture, Cigares and Havana

Backpacking cuba

Why Cuba? I’ve often been asked that and maybe not everyone will share the same opinion after a trip to Cuba, but the Caribbean island wraps you around your finger with its charm and unconventional nature. Because it’s not like the other Caribbean islands. Flights to the Dominican Republic, for example, cost just a quarter as much. And then there is this political situation in the country that everyone is afraid of. But those who are not looking for the material paradise, but a cultural one, whose charm and charm is not affordable or tangible, will take Cuba into their hearts. For me, it is an adventure and not just a usual holiday with all the self-evidences. In my mind one has all these pictures of happy people dancing and making music on the beach or in colourful alleys, but also of scarcity economy and hard restrictions of human rights.

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My opinion on the travel blogger scene and digital nomads

Packliste als Digitaler Nomade

I have been a travel blogger since 2012 and have learned and seen a lot in recent years. In this article I would like to draw an interim conclusion. More or less these are just comments on the travel blogger scene and the current trend around digital nomads. I am certainly not a pioneer, but I have had many of the German travel blogs and digital nomads starlets on my screen. Currently, there is also an extremely broad “middle class” of travel bloggers and prospective digital nomads. It is certainly a positive trend, because I am of the opinion that the more people live like this, the better companies can adapt to it… But I want to point out explicitly that this article only reflects my personal opinion and assessment. Others may see things differently! Rather I understand the points as discussion suggestions. Why I want to write about the

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Sex tourism in Thailand – As if they were in my bed

So sieht der Sextourismus in Thailand aus

When I look at the room on the first floor of the small guesthouse, I wonder a bit about the dimension of the bed. To be exact, the room actually consists only of a huge mattress, a narrow corridor to the right and to the left, a mirror at the front wall. “As if they were in my bed” I’m scared to death because I hear the sound of a key in the door. But I realize that it is not our door that is unlocked, but the door to the next room. The walls are thin and I hear the voice of a young European and the voice of an Asian. Now that I’m awake, I hear every word of the conversation: “Do want to have a drink?”, “No, thanks”, “Okay, than take your clothes off”. I hear the creaking of the bed frame, the breathing of the man

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Sex Tourism in Brazil – Places and Prices

Sextourismus in Brasilien

Brazil, a land of promise not only for beach holidaymakers and adventurers, but also for tourists who are looking for love to buy. Several stereotypes apply to Brazilian sex tourism. Brazilian women, especially the gazelle-like mulattos, who are already driving the men’s world crazy with their gorgeous bikinis and tanginis at the annual carnival, are one of them. Another to be taboo and permanently at (love’s) service to customers from overseas and North America. And the prices finally. But on closer inspection, none of these common prejudices has anything to do with the completely different reality. This, in turn, has to do with several factors. Prostitution in Brazil is legal – provided with adults One right at the front. Prostitution in Brazil has been legal since 2000. And this has eliminated the erotic shadow economy, at least to the outside world. Whether or not this really helps the local love

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Sex tourism in the Philippines (Angels City)

Sextourismus auf den Philippinen (Angels City)

Angeles City is a well-known destination for sex tourists. There I also have my second residence, where I flee the hamster wheel for a few weeks a year. That doesn’t mean that I enjoy the red light district there. On the contrary. Angeles City is a very diverse location. But read the article and you will understand. Based on my experiences and conversations over many years with prostitutes in Angels City, I tried to answer Chris’ questions as best I could. Thanks to Chris for this opportunity to shed some light on this critical topic with this article. Everything I write here is my own opinion and is based on my own experiences and reflects my experiences as well as my point of view. What do you think of sex tourism? Sex tourism is clearly an illegal business and brings to light much suffering and poverty, brutality and all the

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Cheapest Backpacker Countries: Info and Insider Tips

Geld fuer Musiker

The topic of prices, traveln and backpacking is always a hot topic in the scene. If you look at Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines for hits in different languages, you will find different results for the topic: The 10 cheapest backpacker countries. There are certainly several reasons for this. On the one hand the topicality. Cheap Backpacking and Low Budgets Trips A country where travel is cheap today, where it can be expensive tomorrow due to geographical or economic turbulence. Nepal, Thailand and others are and have been examples of unpredictable natural disasters. In countries that are now part of the European Union, such as Romania, Hungary and others, where travel was until recently spot cheap, prices are rising sharply due to the improved infrastructure. And then, to make matters worse, the lists of the cheapest backpacker countries presented here often contain little detailed research. Rather, the feeling

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Sex tourism on the Internet and locally

Cam Show Sex

Recently there have been many articles about sex tourism in different countries. I came to the topic only by chance, because I researched for another article. The topic around sex tourism is a difficult undertaking in Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil and Colombia. In this article I would like to shed light on different aspects and above all encourage discussion. Foreword on the subject of sex tourism On my trip around the world, I was confronted with the topic several times, but I didn’t really really get into it. I was recently asked how I deal with sex tourism as a backpacker and what position I take on it. This is a rather difficult question, because for me personally there is no black or white, but a rather expressionistic grey. What is sex tourism on the Internet? Before the World Cup in Brazil, more than 3350 new sex websites were created

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My experiences in connection with sex tourism

Sextourismus in Thailand

I think every male backpacker has had experiences in the field of sex tourism before. Maybe not always active, but seen or experienced on the sidelines. In some countries it might be easier not to pay attention or just to look away, but especially in Thailand and the Philippines it was omnipresent for me when I left in the evening! Experiences with sex tourism in Brazil I was in Brazil for one month (2 weeks Rio, 2 weeks Sao Paulo). Already after a few days I made my first acquaintance with sex tourism. After a couchsurfing meeting we went to a bar to celebrate something else. Already after a few minutes I was danced by a really pretty Latina. This is nothing special, because in South America the party culture is more open and a bit wilder. But I was surprised that she flirted a bit more aggressively very fast.

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The most dangerous animals in Australia and New Zealand


Travelling to Australia or New Zealand is one of the last adventures on Planet Earth. At least if you are a traveler and venture into the almost untouched zones of the Australian outback. What you can expect there has already been shown impressively and partly funny in many movies, as in the case of the cinema hit from the 80s, Crocodile Dundee. Here a small crocodile of 5m and there one of the many highly poisonous snakes, of which there is a whole row in Down Under. Some of the most dangerous snakes are not only found in the inland, but also in the offshore waters or in the rivers themselves. Let’s take a look at which animals one should be particularly careful of as an adventure traveller in Australia and also in neighbouring New Zealand. Dangerous animals in the sea off Australia Among the poisonous fish, which can hardly

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Road Trip / Round trip through Europe

Road Trip Europa

A road trip through Europe promises adventure due to its diverse cultural and geographical contrasts. From the Northern Lights in Norway and Sweden to the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Spain and France, from the highest Alpine peaks in Austria and Switzerland to exciting cultural centres in Germany, Portugal and Greece, the Potpourri offers a wide range of destinations to explore. To undertake a road trip through Europe is not a paperless task, because the distances, climatic and geographical extremes, quite apart from the hundreds of diverse traffic rules to keep under control, require at least a rough planning. The road trip adventure can certainly be tackled without much planning, but not every part of Europe is as well organised in terms of infrastructure as Central and Western Europe. But even in these regions a plan can save a lot of time and above all money if the right points are

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