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The most dangerous animals in Australia and New Zealand


Travelling to Australia or New Zealand is one of the last adventures on Planet Earth. At least if you are a traveler and venture into the almost untouched zones of the Australian outback. What you can expect there has already been shown impressively and partly funny in many movies, as in the case of the cinema hit from the 80s, Crocodile Dundee. Here a small crocodile of 5m and there one of the many highly poisonous snakes, of which there is a whole row in Down Under. Some of the most dangerous snakes are not only found in the inland, but also in the offshore waters or in the rivers themselves. Let’s take a look at which animals one should be particularly careful of as an adventure traveller in Australia and also in neighbouring New Zealand. Dangerous animals in the sea off Australia Among the poisonous fish, which can hardly

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